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We consider ourselves to be very fortunate that our family is healthy. Meaning none of us require any prescription medications. Now that does not mean that someday we won’t or there aren’t thousands of people that do. Let’s face it, even if you have excellent health insurance, not all medications are covered fully or even a portion.

That’s why when we were asked to write about Canada Drug Center, we felt this was an important website to talk about. Admittedly, I’m not sure about how competitive the pricing of available prescriptions is to your local pharmacy but the convenience of your monthly prescriptions arriving at your door, may make it worthwhile.

Canada Drug Center has a wide selection of over the counter items that we all use daily. From sun protection to allergy and cold medications. I would definitely take advantage of ordering OTC items.  There are some popular prescription medications such as Nexium for the relief of acid reflux. 

All in all, this website makes it very easy to order and receive medications.  They are approved by and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia so you can feel confident they are a reliable and safe website to obtain your medications. I also noticed that when you refer somebody to Canada Drug Center, you can earn $35 towards future purchases. Not such a bad deal!

*This is a sponsored endorsement by Canada Drug Center*
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