What Exactly is 4G and Why Is It Better?

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Guest Technology Writer:
Peter Cruz
For the past years, a lot of talk regarding 4G wireless has been in the buzz. Yet there are still many people who do not know what 4G is. So what is it really? An acronym for fourth-generation, 4G is a technology type which can be utilized for wireless computers, cellular phones and other mobile gadgets. This kind of technology will give faster Internet speeds for people compared to the previous 3G networks. It also has new features such as high voice quality, access to high definition videos and a higher data rate for wireless connections through mobile devices.
The masterminds behind the 4G have set out quite a few goals for this wireless standard of communication. This set up includes flawless connectivity for users to maximize surfing through different networks, a higher rate of mobility of 100 mbps between two points anywhere in the world as well as high quality multimedia support. More users are going to be interested in 4G as it is said to be ten times faster compared to the options available for 3G. With its easier access in broadband connectivity, rural areas can now have high speed Internet capabilities it previously did not have.
4G is going to be working with other third generation and Internet broadcasting systems. Once this technology has been implemented to the fullest, it is going to help improve markets and opportunities for different kinds of telecommunication establishments. This kind of technology may even open up the gates of mobile phone video blogging through devices that have high definition video or camera capabilities.
A wide variety of services are available for the fourth generation wireless technology. This includes viewing, downloading and uploading high quality videos which companies and people can find new opportunities for such as mentioned earlier. 4G also has a more secure Internet Protocol solution compared to its predecessor. Users can do video streaming at anytime and anywhere at higher speeds as well.
The creators of 4G technology has really focused on providing a seamless service to various wireless systems and networks which has been stated in its improved data rate and broader bandwidth capacity as mentioned. Main technologies that have been used by 4G include SDR or Software Defined Radio receivers, OFDM or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and UTMS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems. When they are combined, these technologies are able to make sure that 4G’s data transmission rates are higher for its users.
Author Bio:
Peter Cruz is a writer on technology and spends most of his time researching about the latest information regarding internet service providers at http://www.broadbandexpert.com. Peter is updated with the latest details when it comes to high speed internet.
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