“Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Zombie Bride” Written By: Shannon Boyce

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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve shown you how to look like a sultry pin-up girl and how to embrace your inner Bambi. Now, it’s time to get scary! With The Walking Dead more popular than ever, it’s clear: zombies are totally in. If you want to look terrifyingly good this Halloween, channel the undead with your very own Zombie Bride costume.


This look is bold, creepy, and okay, maybe a little bit sexy. (Hey, isn’t that what the holiday is all about?) To celebrate right this year, follow this Zombie Bride Halloween makeup tutorial – it is sure to unleash your creative side! Here is the finished look:




Step 1: The Face


So, you want to be a Zombie Bride? Then be prepared to step out of your comfort zone! To achieve your own zombie skin, you’ll need: foundation (a shade or two lighter than your natural colour), a grey cream eyeshadow, a grey powder eyeshadow, a medium bronzer, and some liquid eyeliner. Ready to get started?


Start by moisturizing your face and applying your foundation with a stippling brush. Keep in mind that for this Halloween makeup, the foundation you choose should be lighter than your natural skin colour. (You’re supposed to be undead, remember? Look it!) Once your foundation has been applied, it is time to get creative.


To get that zombie complexion, apply grey cream eyeshadow using your fingertips. You’ll want to dab it around the sides of your forehead, down the cheekbones and onto your chin. Then, layer a dark grey eyeshadow onto those areas. This will help to deepen the colour and make sure it lasts all night long! Blend out your eyeshadow with a medium sized fluffy brush. (Here’s a tip: You can make the colour as dark or as subtle as you like. Play with different shades of grey and see what you like best!)


Next, take your bronzer and blend it around the edges of the grey patches, down the sides of your nose, and in the hollow of your cheeks. Doing this will add a little more depth to your Zombie Bride skin. To finish off the face, take a liquid eyeliner pen and draw fake stitches across your forehead, on your jaw line, or anywhere else you’d like them. This will really help pull together your scary zombie costume!


Step 2: The Brows


When it comes to getting the perfect Zombie Bride brows, keep it simple. The focus of this makeup look is on the eyes and the face. So, your brows shouldn’t be too dramatic or over the top. Simply take a matte brown eyeshadow that is a shade lighter than your natural colour. With an angled brush, use that shadow to fill in any gaps or sparse areas. This will give you polished brows that don’t detract from the rest of your makeup.


Step 3: The Eyes




Do you love a good smokey eye? Then, you’re in for a treat! To get those bold Zombie Bride eyes, take a black eyeshadow and pat it all over your lid. Remember, it should be dark, so you really want to pack on the colour. Using whatever excess shadow left on your brush, run it underneath your eyes to create a super smokey effect. Blend out the shadow on your lid with a small fluffy brush and a matte brown eyeshadow. Take a shimmery white shadow and apply it underneath your brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes. This will give you a little extra sparkle!


Take a liquid or gel eyeliner and line your upper lash line. Be sure to extend the line out to achieve a dramatic cat-eye effect. Your line should be sharp and bold – the bigger, the better. Finish off the eyes with some thick false lashes. Since your eye makeup is so dark, you’ll need some pretty intense lashes to compliment the look. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with them!


Step 4: The Lips


Know that gorgeous red lipstick you love so much? Forget it. For this look, you’ll be rocking a nude lip. In fact, the paler the better. You can either use a flesh-toned lipstick or dab on some concealer to create that washed out effect. Add on a layer of clear, shimmery lip gloss to keep your lips looking perfectly pouty this Halloween. If you’re feeling really creative, you may even want some fake blood running down your lips and chin. It is totally up to you!


That’s all there is to it! Becoming a Zombie Bride isn’t so hard, right? All it takes is a little creativity and experimentation. If you’ve followed this tutorial, your makeup should look a little something like this:




There are so many ways to make this Zombie Bride look your own. So, get creative and have fun with it. You’ll love the process just as much as the end result!


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