Over Sexed Culture – Are We Really That Shocked?: By Paul E. Butler, Managing Editor

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Paul E. Butler

Paul E. Butler

I was watching Good Morning America and they featured a segment about Britney Spears’ decision to step back from what many other females are doing to command the spotlight. Now we all know where I am going with this. Of late we have been over exposed with the Miley Cyrus VMA  performance, Rihanna’s latest over the top video “Pour It Up” and countless other female performers.

Are we really that surprised and shocked by these kind of performances? Rihanna’s latest video is about stripping and the use of a stripping pole. What gets me is suburban moms pay for stripping pole lessons in today’s popular culture. Isn’t that hypocritical of the whole establishment? We all want to set good examples for our kids. However, to blame Miley or any other star for getting their sexy on for profit is wrong. Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and many others did it before them.

What about the movies?

The number one show on the AMC network is Breaking Bad. They are glorifying cooking methamphetamine with the big money attached to it and the common people involved. I like the show but that being said,  I do not live in a fantasy world where  my children aren’t being exposed to it. The big screen is full of sex, drugs and rock n roll. We are all at fault for this kind of entertainment becoming the norm in today’s society. Why? Because we all love it, whether we can face that within our own moral spectrum or not.


The world has changed. The internet provides us all with access to people and things with just a stroke of the key button on our computers, that includes kids. We all know that we can’t monitor everything a child does on their computer. Many of them are more technology savy than their parents. We all have been sitting in front of the TV and something sexy comes on, making you feel very uncomfortable around your teen. What should you do? I argue that you simply have a intelligent conversation with them about what you just saw and the risk of being too provocative at such a young age.

At last, we as the parents should make sure our kids look up to us. Not a pro athlete, actress, actor, or for that matter Rhianna or any other singer we are bombarded with every single day. These are all good artists seeking attention to provide for themselves and their families for generations to come. I respect that! After all, isn’t the media exploiting them for profit?

Rihanna – Pour It Up (explicit)


I occasionally write here at the Butlerway. I consider myself a critical thinker and love to talk politics and current events. Keep up with my post @ https://twitter.com/PaulEButler

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