“Bold Eyeliner Trends and How to Make Them Work For You” By: Shannon Boyce

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Perfect Eyeliner

Perfect Eyeliner

 What girl doesn’t love eyeliner? Not only is it a beauty essential, but it’s also a great way to get creative with your look. Lately, eyeliner trends have been getting more and more extreme. From runway shows to fashion spreads, one thing is clear: bold eyeliner is everywhere.

 Don’t believe it? The Anna Sui 2013 F/W runway shows offered a new take on a classic cat-eye. Altuzarra on the other hand, was all about dramatic double-winged liner. Marc Jacobs’ models recently sported sultry 60s inspired cut-crease eyeliner…. and brightly coloured liner was without a doubt, the hit of the Spring 2013 collections!

 Want to try these looks for yourself? Here are some fabulously bold eyeliner trends – and how to make them work for you.

 The Classic Cat-Eye Gets an Update

 Chances are, you’ve tried rocking some cat-eye liner at one point or another. It is a classic! To put a fresh spin on this enduring trend, though, you’ll need to get a little daring. Start by choosing your eyeliner. For the best results, you’ll want to use either a gel or liquid liner in jet black. Remember, the darker the shade, the more extreme your liner will appear.

 Ready to create that dramatic winged out shape? You have a couple of options. You can either draw it freehand or use a piece of clear tape to achieve the look. Keep in mind that tape will help you get that clean, sharp line – but might look a little too perfect. Freehand can look great…but only if you’ve had enough practise to get it right. Consider your level of expertise before you reach for your eyeliner.

Draw a line that continues outward from the outer corner of your eye. It should be angled toward your eyebrow. You can make this line as long (or short) as you like. It’s all about determining what length compliments your eye shape. Once you’ve done that, start adding to the line, making it thicker and thicker. You may also want to add some eyeliner to your lower lash line as well. Make this trend your own by playing with thickness and the length of your cat-eye.

 Take It Further With Double-Winged Eyeliner

If that cat-eye liner isn’t bold enough for you, don’t worry! You can kick it up a notch by adding on some double-winged eyeliner. This style has two separate winged out lines…what could be bolder? It has been making waves in the fashion world because of its versatile and unique design.

 To achieve the look, create a simple cat-eye line along your upper lash line. Once you have that step completed, grab some liquid liner. Start from the edge of your lower lash line and create a sharp line that extends out toward the end of your eyebrow. Both your original cat-eye line and your double line should run alongside one another – but never touch. The space in between the lines can be emphasized by using white eyeliner or by incorporating a fun, flirty colour. You can keep this bold trend simple or make it completely outrageous. Get as creative as you like!

Go Retro the Right Way With Cut-Crease Eyeliner

 The 1960s are back again with the re-emergence of sultry cut-crease eyeliner. Not only have celebrities like Lana del Ray and Dita von Teese have been wearing this makeup look, but it has been in some of the hottest runway shows, too!


To try it yourself, start by taking a sharp black eyeliner pencil. Carefully draw a line through your crease, starting from the inner corner. Drag it out slowly to create a winged out shape – or stop at the end of your crease. Line your upper lash line normally and connect the two lines together. You should end up with a dramatic but flirty cut-crease. You can thicken the liner, use brown instead of black, or play with smokey eyeshadow shades to give this bold trend a more wearable, everyday feel.

 Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace Colour

 There is nothing more on-trend (or bold!) than coloured eyeliner. Purple, teal, cobalt blue, and emerald green are some of the hottest shades at the moment. These colours can be worn in so many different ways. That means you can always change up your liner to suit your personal preference or the event you’re attending.

 For something striking and over the top, line your eyes with a bright colour like yellow or blue. You can make the liner quite thick if you want to really make a statement. For something a little more wearable – but equally dramatic – choose a deep purple shade and blend it out with a purple eyeshadow. This will give you that hint of colour you crave, without looking too out there.

 You can never go wrong with eyeliner. So, if you want to change up your makeup look, embrace one of these bold eyeliner trends. Not only do they look great, but you can adapt them to suit your style. It won’t be long before you’re showing off your wild side!

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