Butlerway’s 50 Most Sexiest People in the World: 11-15

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It’s the shirtless edition this week! And by shirtless, that means the guys…we aren’t that “crazy”. We have given you a preview of some of our picks for this week on our Facebook page (fun stuff happens there, you should like us if you haven’t already)

David Beckham…we have always appreciated his sense of fashion but we are concerned the tats may be getting out of hand. His body and choices but know when to say no. All that soccer has honed the six pack on this man. Did you know that soccer players run an average of 8 miles per game? Exhibit A:

Terrell Owens – obviously on the catwalk here (thankfully, that explains the gold chain) so he is forgiven with the amazing level of fitness and overall wow for his physique. Maybe Beckham could be his stylist?

Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame is obviously all grown up and looking mighty fine. We love that he keeps his hair long and rocks it:

Kellen Lutz of the Twilight saga (yes, Paul is still not a fan of the vampires or werewolves). He also gets points for his fashion effort and never looking like another average actor. Check out the other smokin’ photo we posted on Facebook.

Oh Lenny Kravitz, we never get sick of your music and your eclectic style. You are a true star and look mighty good doing it even if you are only drinking coffee here.

Next Thursday, 5 more ladies add to our growing list! If you have suggestions, post on our Facebook wall. There could be more pictures there and polls.  Who doesn’t like that?

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