Should Geno Auriemma Coach In The NBA? Cleavie Wonder

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Last night Geno Auriemma’s UConn Huskies dismantled Notre Dame 79-58 to finish

the season a perfect 40-0.  For Auriemma it was his 9th national championship and

he trails only the great John Wooden (10) for most all time in the history of college



To say Auriemma has had success at UConn would be like saying McDonalds has

sold a few hamburgers, a complete understatement.  The guy has coached 5 perfect

seasons, won 19 regular season Big East titles, 18 Big East tournament titles, 2 gold

medals, and since 95′ hasn’t gone more than 5 years without winning the national

championship.  With so many accolades under his belt is it time for Geno to take a

shot at the NBA?


Absolutely.  It’s painfully obvious he’s dominated women’s college basketball and

there’s nothing left to prove.  The critics would argue that his system wouldn’t work

at the highest level, but to label Auriemma as a “girls” coach would be doing him a

disservice. Geno has Hall of Fame credentials and his track record speaks for itself.

When you win 87% of your games you deserve the benefit of the doubt and I think

the professional men would respect him just as much as the college kids.


If you reach a certain level of success it’s important to create new goals.  Without

new challenges you will rest on your laurels and become content with your

accomplishments.  Once you master a certain level (unless it’s the highest level) it

becomes redundant to rack up titles and continue to live life as the big fish in the small



Let’s not kid ourselves, it would take a sweetheart deal to get the King of Connecticut to

leave his kingdom and some NBA GM would be putting his reputation and his job on the

line to hire Auriemma.  That being said it’s not out of the realm of possibility someone

takes a chance on him.  I’m pretty sure he couldn’t do much worse than Mike D’Antoni,

Ty Corbin, or Mike Brown.  If you’re looking for a proven winner that knows basketball

look no further than Geno Auriemma!  Right?

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