Why Donald trump Shouldn’t Own An NFL Franchise: By Cleavie Wonder

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On March 25 Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. died at the age of 95.  Wilson was one

of the founders of the AFL and a Hall of Fame inductee in 2009.  Much like Bud Adams

(Houston Oilers), Lamar Hunt (Kansas City Chiefs), and Al Davis (Oakland Raiders)

Wilson owned the team from its inception until his passing.  The NFL is forever indebted

to Wilson for his dedication, leadership, and innovative contributions to the game of

football.  The Buffalo Bills are now up for sale and the person that has been the most vocal

about buying the franchise is none other than Donald Trump.  This is a bad idea on so many

levels I don’t even know where to begin.


First off, there is bad blood between Donald trump and the NFL.  Trump was part of a 1.7

billion dollar anti trust suit the USFL filed in 1986 when he was the owner of the New Jersey

Generals.  Trump also signed away big time college stars like Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie

with exorbitant amounts of money.  Although there has been tremendous turnover in ownership

over the last 28 years the NFL is known to hold a grudge and punish those who challenge their

omnipotent power.


Secondly, Donald Trump is a control freak.  He’s Jerry Jones on vamp juice with a Stonehenge

size chip on his shoulder.  You’ve all seen The Apprentice right?  If someone doesn’t do things

his way or kiss his ass they get fired.  Donald Trump treats every situation like a real estate deal

in which he is the landlord/developer that dictates policy to everyone else.  The NFL doesn’t

work that way. 


Lastly, Donald trump is too emotional and confrontational.  He doesn’t like being told what to

do (most billionaires don’t) and has no ability to bite his tongue.  As an owner he would play

favorites with players he liked and make life a miserable hell for those that didn’t conform to

his way of thinking.  Although the media would have a field day watching him pick apart

quarterbacks, coaches, and general managers with juicy soundbites the team would struggle to 

find any consistency in his actions.  There’s no way to put together a cohesive unit with a

meddlesome, spiteful, irrational owner. 


Donald Trump has a lot of money, but let’s not kid ourselves.  All NFL owners have a lot of

money.  Their sacred fraternity consists of people that own Microsoft, Home Depot, Johnson

& Johnson, and Manchester United.  They would not be impressed with his bank account or

celebrity status.  Those guys have a good thing going so what would be the benefit of adding

the flamboyant outspoken Donald Trump?  The Wilson’s can sell to whoever they want, but

selling to Donald Trump isn’t in the best interest of the NFL.  

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