“5 Tips To Make Fake Eyelash Application Quick and Easy” Shannon Boyce

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“5 Tips To Make Fake Eyelash Application Quick and Easy”




Bigger is better…especially when it comes to your lashes. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Zooey Deschanel have made look-at-me lashes a must-have both on and off the red carpet. With stunning celebs sporting perfectly curled lashes everywhere they go (complete with tons of thickness and length), it’s time for the rest of us to follow suit – for special occasions, that is.


Some people are blessed with full lashes of their very own. The rest of us need a little extra help to make it happen. That’s why fake eyelashes have become so popular. You can find them at your local drugstore, beauty supply store, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine. Why? They give your lashes the extra oomph they need.


If lash application seems a little too complicated – or you haven’t had much luck with it in the past – don’t worry! These 5 tips will make applying your fake eyelashes quick and easy.


1)      The Rounder The Lashes, The Better


Your eyes are round. That means your fake eyelashes should be too! Once you take your lashes out of the container, you’ll probably notice that they look a little, well, straight. So, before you apply your lashes, round the band first. The more curved the band of your lashes is, the easier it will be to apply. Why? They’ll fall better onto your natural lash line. Try taking your lashes and bending them into a “U” shape for thirty seconds. Then, you’ll be ready to apply.


2)      Always Trim Your Lashes First


One size fits all does not apply to your fake eyelashes. Each strip usually comes a bit longer so that it can fit on many different eye shapes. Prior to application, measure the lash strip on your own eye. Is it a bit too long? Trim it! Grab a pair of nail scissors and carefully clip off any excess length, starting from the outer corner. Be careful not to trim off too much, though, or you’ll have lash accents rather than full strip lashes.


3)      Look Down Into a Mirror During Application


When you’re getting ready to go out, chances are, you look at the mirror in front of you. That works pretty well when you’re doing your hair or putting on your makeup – but not when you’re applying fake eyelashes. Instead, look down into a mirror. (A hand mirror or magnifying mirror works best for this!) Having a mirror placed underneath you works best because it allows you to get a better look at your lash line. Another tip? Use tweezers and place your eyelashes on the very centre of your lash line. From there, you can use the tweezers or your fingers to secure the ends.

4)      Choose Your Lash Glue Carefully


Your lash glue is just as important as the style of lashes you choose. There are white glues, clear drying glues, and even glues that dry black. What you pick really depends on your comfort level. If you’re super skilled, white glues can be really sticky and last all day long. If you’re a little newer to lash application, a clear drying glue or a coloured glue might be the better choice. That way, you don’t have to worry about messing up your makeup as you go. To make sure your lashes last all day and all night, wait twenty to thirty seconds between putting the glue on the lash band to putting it on your lash line. The glue will have time to get tacky!


5)      Never Underestimate Your Eyelash Curler


Just because fake eyelashes come pre-curled, doesn’t mean you can ditch your beloved eyelash curler. After you’ve applied your falsies (and have given them a few minutes to dry completely) there are a couple of things you’ll need to do to finish off the look. First, apply a coat of your favourite mascara to your natural and fake lashes. Once that dries, grab your eyelash curler and start curling. This step is more important than you may think. It blends your real and fake lashes together. That helps them look better for even longer.



Fake lashes don’t have to be impossible or time consuming. They actually can be quick and easy. Just follow these tips…you’ll have gorgeous lashes before you know it!

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