True Blood Season 7 Ep, 2 Recap: ‘I Found You’ Kevin Clarkston

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Picking up right where last week’s season premiere left off, “I Found You,” finds Sookie still tortured by her past choices and present reputation. Her speech at the end “Jesus Gonna Be Here,” did little to change her fellow residents’ opinion of her, as they mentally rip her to shreds while strolling out of church with self-righteous swagger. You know, like any good Southern Baptist congregation.


Andy is at a loss to figure out how to track the infected vamps whereabouts, until Sookie remembers the unknown dead girl she stumbled across during her midnight stroll last week. A check of her driver’s license reveals she’s from a nearby parish, and Sookie, Sam, Alcide, Jason and Andy set off to see what remains of the town.


Meanwhile, at the bar formerly known as Fangtasia, the infected vamps who kidnapped Arlene, Holly, Nicole and Jane Bodehouse are bitching at undead Adam Levin helped himself to a big ‘ol taste of Kevin, leaving them one less human to snack on. After the requisite F-bombs and yelling, a middle-aged woman is assigned reaper duty—meaning it’s her job to go down to the cellar and procure the victuals for the diseased masses. On one trip down to cellar/fridge, Arlene recognizes her as Betty Harris, a former school teacher who taught both her Arlene and Holly’s kids; more importantly, she notices her wariness in picking one of them for chow time, and hatches a rescue plan.


Arlene levels with Betty, acknowledging that while knowing you’re going to rot and waste away is pretty raw deal, there’s value in that knowledge. “Your legacy is all you have now,”Arlene tells her, and while her chief motivation is to save her own and her fellow captives’ skin, her words can be taken on a deeper level. As Sookie notes while the group stands over the dead girl only a few years younger than herself, life is indifferent, and when all is said and done, all you have is the legacy of how you spent your years. Betty Harris dies by collapsing into a pile of bloody goop while getting in one last feeding courtesy of Arlene—sorry ladies, better luck next week—but her legacy is one of a great teacher. If she were to drop dead now, Sookie’s would be (unfairly) as a selfish danger whore.


It doesn’t help her self-image when she stumbles across the dead girl’s diary and learns she had a relationship with a vampire. Who she met in a bar. And who took her to Fangtasia. Sound familiar? In case it didn’t, here comes a flashback  to the night Bill and Sookie have their not-really-but-sorta-kinda- first date. It’s an unnecessary detour in my opinion—if you’re watching True Blood seven seasons in, you likely know how these two met, and Anna Paquin does a fine job of conveying Sookie’s joy and anguish on her own. On the ride home, Alcide assures her she’s not like the dead girl and had nothing to do with bringing vampires to Bon Temp, his ambivalent feelings toward her first love notwithstanding. It’s the nice, super-supportive boyfriend thing to say, but it’s also a smart bit of mental jujitsu, a way keep her identification with the girl and any feelings for her vampire boyfriend *cough* Bill *cough* at bay.


Unfortunately for Alcide, it’s not enough to keep her from suggesting he take a shower so she can run off to see Bill to ask if he can still sense when she’s in trouble. Not exactly running across the graveyard in a white nightie, but it’s not a good sign. It doesn’t take much for Miss Stackhouse to backslide.


Sookie and Co.’s road trip to St. Alice was all well and good, but the more compelling development was the rebellion back in Bon Temp, lead by defeated mayoral candidate Vince. Power hungry and mad as hell, Vince has the makings of a great villain. And unlike say, Russell Edgington or Mary Ann, his grievances are pretty concrete and reasonable—taking orders from a dog bear mayor to link up with vampires for protection, even after the slaughter at Bellefleur’s? It’s enough to make even the ever-sensible Kenya literally say “f*ck it”and abandon her post, after some extremely real sistah talk with a mob member who points out her non-existent promotion and how a meat head like Jason Stackhouse  gets the majority of the work while she, a black woman, gets nada.


With Adilyn and Wade, who came to warn Kenya of the impending mob, out of the way, the townsfolk stock up on guns and gleefully hold target practice in the station, shooting loaded firearms within feet of each other. Yeah, this crew’s gonna really hold it owns against a tribe of diseased, desperate vamps.


In the end “I Found You” was a good, not great episode, functioning more as an hour to set in motion next week’s events. But it did managed to wring some genuine sadness and despair out of the fate of St. Alice. And at the very least, it will go down as the episode that contained the glorious Jason and Eric sex scene. Personally I would have liked a little more butt cheek and wide shot action—after all, how many times have we seen Sookie spreading her love on her supernatural man candy of the moment—but it’d shameful to look a gift horse in the mouth. Was it needed? Nope, as Pam’s little tacked on scene at end would have been enough to show Eric is very much alive. But it was much appreciated.


–Other Thoughts:


–Apparently, Pam’s search for Eric is not going to take three or four episodes as I originally predicted. However, as his worn down demeanor implies, Eric’s not exactly at full strength when she finds him in France.  While Pam and Eric together on screen always equals sarcastic magic, I have no idea how any of this is going to tie back to what’s going down in Bon Temps.


–Lettie Mae appears be trading one addiction for two, burning herself on purpose so she can drink more of Willa’s blood, and see more of Tara so she can help her move on to heaven. I’ll endure more of this story line only if it means more screen time for Lafayette to go all Holiday Heart and call out triflin’ bitches.


–I may be going out on a limb, but I’m betting based on sheer amount of pepperoni we’ve watched him consume over the years, Jason’s pizza forensics are spot-on.


–Jane: “If somebody told me I’d died sober in a bar…”

–Holly: “Jane you’re not gonna die. We’re gonna get you through this. You’re just detoxin’. Oh Holly, always the positive thinker.”


–Lafayette on a previous V trip: “Well it most definitely was Ghandi I was playing Chinese checkers with that time in the bath tub.”


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