Vaccinating – Combining Is Not Safe: By Kerry Ann Butler

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Kerry Ann Butler, Managing Editor

This isn’t just about Autism. This is not to tell you not to vaccinate. It’s about education. Not all babies can handle this vaccination schedule. Other things can be caused by vaccinating too much and too fast. There are gut issues (i.e. constipation and diarrhea), allergies and other developmental delays. Perhaps cancer and diabetes and for sure ADHD.

I did a post about not further vaccinating my kids.  Granted both are considered fully vaccinated but we will not get any kind of flu shot or anything else.  And yes, we are those crazy people who do think our son’s Autism came from the flu shot and 4 vaccines in one visit at 15 months.  I have been told that my theory is ridiculous because if that were true, more kids would be affected.  You do know that the current statistic is 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys.  Not all affected because of vaccines but there HAS to be a link.  There are too many parents like us. We know how our child was before and how he is/was after.

Our pediatrician knows all that.  It came up because Charnai needed a sports physical and our pediatrician was trying to convince me to allow the Gardasil vaccine for her.  She tried to convince me saying vaccines are safe and Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been discredited.  I told her that I thought the shots did it way before I had heard about Dr. Wakefield.  Needless to say, she did not talk me into anything.  If you have never heard of Dr. Wakefield or want to learn more, go here and watch this interview with Dr. Mercola.  It’s long but worth it.

The biggest thing I learned?  The FDA did not test the current vaccination schedule meaning they tested each vaccine individually but not combined.  So while they can claim they tested, they have no idea the impact of one visit with 4 shots.  Dr. Wakefield’s team did the study.

This conversation still bothers me.  It concerns me because while I do think kids need to be vaccinated, I think parents should have the right to say how fast and no to the ones we don’t want.  Like chicken pox and flu shots.  This is what our pediatricians are doing to us.  Despite our fears and concerns, they will turn it around and try to say that people like Dr. Wakefield is a quack.

He did important research.  He wrote about it and then “someone” {CDC, pharmaceutical companies, Department of Health} got scared that crazy parents would listen and not vaccinate.  He never said to not vaccinate.  Not once.  His concern is about combining vaccines and the current aggressiveness of the vaccination schedule.

A serious subject that needs to be discussed.


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