Why The Oakland A’s Will Not Make The Playoffs: By Cleavie Wonder

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When Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane made the trade for John Lester I thought it

was a gutsy move that would pay dividends in the postseason.  At the time the A’s were far

and away the best team in baseball and adding a big time money pitcher like Lester seemed

like a good idea.  Clearly I underestimated the importance of chemistry on this team and the

presence of Yoenis Cespedes in the middle of their lineup.


Since the trade the A’s are 8-10 and now trail the Los Angeles Angels by a 1/2 game in the AL

West.  I don’t typically hit the panic button during a pennant chase (Especially with 38 games

left), I don’t wish anything bad on the Athletics, and I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but I got

a feeling this team will not make the playoffs this year.


It has nothing to do with John Lester’s performance.  Since coming over from Boston

he’s been as good as advertised.  It has nothing to do with Billy Beane pulling the trigger on

the trade.  It was refreshing to see Mr. “Moneyball” loosen up the purse strings, double down,

and go for broke.  He truly believed the A’s could win the World Series THIS YEAR and made

a move he thought shifted the odds in his favor.  As a Vegas guy I have to applaud it.


It’s become trendy to play the blame game, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way

you anticipated.  I don’t think anyone made a mistake with this trade, it just hasn’t resulted

in success for the A’s thus far.  That being said the stakes are high in the race to win a

World Series title and someone has to be held accountable.  More likely than not the Lester/

Cespedes trade will go down in history as the deadline move that backfired.


The A’s won’t make the playoffs because they haven’t been able to adjust to playing

without their best offensive player.  The subtraction was greater than the addition.  The team

started going in the wrong direction and they have no idea how to stop the free fall.  I know

Mr. Beane had high hopes for this season, but I don’t think the A’s can reinvent themselves

quickly enough to hold off the Tigers, Royals, and Mariners.  He’ll have to live with the

consequences.  Hope it doesn’t cost him his job.

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