Why The FSU/Miami Game Makes Me Feel Old: By Cleavie Wonder

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Saturday the #3 Florida St. Seminoles travel to Coral Gables to face the
Miami Hurricanes. In years past I
would have carved out an 8 hour block of time in my schedule to prepare
for what would undoubtedly be the
biggest game of the season. In 2014 I might catch a few minutes of the
4th quarter.

It’s not that I’ve lost my passion for watching college football, it’s
that the game is no longer as relevant as it
once was. Miami isn’t even ranked in the top 25 much less the top 5.
There’s no bad blood between the two
schools, there’s little trash talking, and the rivalry is rather tame
these days. No one is trying to get a leg up on
recruiting (Florida St. clearly has the advantage) and former alumni
(Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders) don’t seem
to care as much about who wins or loses.

The 94′ game featured 13 future first round pick including Hall of
Famers Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, and Ray
Lewis. The only players in this game worth mentioning are Jameis Winston
and Duke Johnson. There’s been
no build up and the teams are going in opposite directions. Florida St.
has aspirations of playing for the national
championship while Miami is just hoping they will end up being selected
to play in a respectable bowl game. The
orange and green no longer strikes fear in the hearts of their
opponents. What a difference 20 years makes!

I don’t want to sound like a bitter old man (Which means I’m about to
sound like a bitter old man), but I’m
disappointed the Florida St./Miami game really has no significance. I
can remember when this game would be
for bragging rights in the state of Florida, a showcase of future first
round picks, and an indicator of who would
eventually win the national championship. It’s amazing the younger
generation has no idea what I’m talking

In the same way they think Dr. Dre is famous for selling headphones, Ice
T is a no nonsense cop, and Howie Long
is a laid back guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly they think this game is no
more important than a game between Duke
and Virginia Tech or Arizona against Utah. Guess it’s time to have my
high blood pressure checked and add fiber
to my diet.

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